One of the first things you should understand is that the human body tends to adapt to any stress (meaning the weights you have been lifting) you let it go through because it grows bigger, newer muscle tissues. The only way around this stalling point is to reinvent the way you train. Adjustments have to be consistently made in order to beat these plateaus that you may face.

Primarily, you need to acknowledge the fact that your body does need some rest. Many have the perception that your muscle only works when you are working out. No. It does not. By working out, you are catabolizing your muscle tissue. New muscle tissues are actually built when you refuel and rest. This is because you need to give your body a resting time, in order for it to fully repair.

Drop Sets
This is a technique that requires you to drop the weights you have been lifting, but increasing in reps till you reach failure. Popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger, this requires you to push for more reps with lighter weights until you cannot lift it anymore, that was what reaching failure meant. This causes you to activate every fiber in your muscle group, causing growth that you won’t normally achieve. Soon your muscles will be telling you “I’ll be back”.

Superset Training
A superset is when you perform one set of exercise directly after a set of different exercise with no rest in between. Once a superset is complete, you need to rest only one minute before you continue to the next superset. This technique is highly effective as you are keeping your heart rate elevated for the duration of your work out and you will be finishing your workout faster than usual. This keeps your gym visits short and sweet and you will be bumping up the intensity of the workout to build muscles.


Force Assisted Rep Training
For force reps, you will need a training partner who understands your goals. A forced rep is when you reach a muscle failure during a set on your 8th-9th rep and your partner assists you mentally and physically in completing your normal point in failure. Your training partner should help you keep the speed of your movements consistent and should not be doing it FOR you, but instead WITH you. This is done so you force your muscles to accommodate higher weight. By doing this, you are giving your muscles a shock and this helps with stimulating a complete growth and muscle density.

New Rep Range
For breaking muscle gain plateau, you will definitely be needing a completely new rep range of workouts to do. This is so that your body does not go into an adaptation mode. Imagine eating the same food every day for a month. Not only would you get bored of it, but you are not putting in other nutrients into your body right? You can start with trying a new set of reps altogether, or increasing the amount and lengths of your workouts. Always firmly believe that variety is the key.


Don’t fall into a routine and a plateau! Always find new ways to improve your ability and you will see the difference and your muscles will thank you for it!

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