With all the scrumptious food prepared and served during Hari Raya, it’s hard to eat clean, and it usually ends up turning into a whole week of cheat days! It’s not wrong to indulge in these tantalizing good food (after all, Raya does come only once a year), but there has to be moderation. Recent studies have shown that Malaysians gain an extra 2-4kgs on average during any festive season! Below are some of the favourite must-have dishes and snacks and how much calories they contain, so that you know not to over-binge during Raya!


Beef Rendang

The most popular mouthwatering dish during Hari Raya, the beef rendang is definitely an all-time favourite of most Malaysians. Rich in flavours of coconut milk & spices, rendang takes a long time to cook and is usually prepared a day before Hari Raya.

Calories: 650 cal/200g





Eaten with the beef rendang, lemang is glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk and cooked in hollow bamboo. Once the bamboo is filled with rice, it is roasted over fire till cooked evenly.

Calories: 206 cal/6 small cuts





Known as the meat floss version of beef rendang, serunding is eaten with lemang or just on its own. This one of a kind dish is exquisite in taste, and would definitely leave you wanting more.

Calories: 47 cal/1 tablespoon





roti jalaRoti Jala
Directly translating to “Net Bread”, Roti Jala is a very pretty pancake because it looks like a lace doily. Roti Jala is made of wheat flour, and usually eaten dipped in curry.


Calories: 90 cal/3 pieces





chicken curryChicken Curry
Eaten with Roti Jala or rice, chicken curry is another must have dish during Hari Raya.

Calories: 200 cal/150g






Biskut Makmur

Kuih Makmur
Made out of butter, ghee and flour, the kuih Makmur usually has a peanut filling in it. These cookies are excellent mouth-watering snacks that are served during Eid.

Calories: 34.5 cal/1 piece





pineapple tart

Pineapple Tarts
If cookies took over the Malaysia, pineapple tarts would definitely make it to be President. These buttery and crumbly pastries filled with pineapple jam are always present be it during Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali.

Calories: 36.9 cal/1 piece (8g)



kuih bangkit

Kuih Bangkit
Traditionally the kuih bangkit is made from tapioca and coconut, then infused with pandan flavor. The trademark of these mouth-watering cookies is that they melt in your mouth!

Calories: 23 cal/ 1 piece (6g)

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