Get Stronger With Eccentric Training

Everyday, in whatever activity we do – whether it’s low or high-intensity, our bodies go through eccentric and concentric motions And we believe that to make you the best athlete you can be, incorporate eccentric movements to build strength, and get results.



To put it simply in everyday english: Eccentrics are also known as “negatives,” the slow lowering of a movement following a concentric movement (the fast upward power of a movement).

For example, the motion of slowly lowering down into a squat before quickly powering up is an eccentric movement.



According to strength coach Charles Poliquin, you can “generate up to 1.75 times more tension than concentric training.”

This just means that the increased actions encourages further adaptations of your muscles which in turn would lead to:

  • Improved muscle coordination and balance
  • Less cardiovascular stress
  • Increased muscle power and sport performance
  • Recovery from tendon-related injuries
  • Increased strength in the entire range of motion joints

So for you gym buffs out there, if you want to lift more weights, be better and stronger, learn how to train eccentrically, to prevent injury and accelerate recovery time.



Now it’s time to put what we’ve preached into practice. Here are two of our go to eccentric training workouts, that we’ve seen results in.

1. Squats

Who doesn’t love a good squat? Get that ass you’ve always wanted and it’s one of the greatest ways to build lower-body strength.

Lower yourself slowly taking at least 5-6 seconds to the bottom. Once there, push yourself up as fast as possible. Remember to always keep your glutes squeezed, abs tight and knees out.


2. Bench

This is a fun workout to do with your gymbro (or partner), you’ll need them to spot you.

Similar to the squat, lower the bar to your chest slowly with a tempo of about 2-4 seconds, pause for a sec at the bottom and explode up and off the chest.



For Strength: Do 6-8 eccentrip reps and repeat for another 3 sets. 20s break between sets.


For Mass: Do 10-12 eccentric reps and for another 3-5 sets (no one said its going to be easy)