You have your motivation locked down, and now you want to start activating your fitness lifestyle. The same as sticking the key into the ignition and turning it to start the car engine, you need to find that key to ignite the flame in your spirit! Most importantly, you need to realize that the key mentioned is none other than, YOU! Here are some ways that can help you get started.

It’s important that you have a routine, as routine wins over willpower 99% of the time! So how do you build a routine? All you need to do is just start working out however much you want to and keep doing it for 21 days. Studies have shown that once you get your brain wired in this 21 days, it will automatically become a habit. You won’t feel that working out or eating right is actually a chore, and you will start feeling weird if you go against this routine that you have just created!

Get Writing!
When you start writing down your eating habits and your workout routine, you then have a tangible sight on what you have been doing, as well as a tracker for your progress. By writing it down. you can make changes to your objectives and goals and how you achieve it. Self awareness is key to changing habits, and the only way to obtain that is by keeping a journal of your progress. A study found that people who wrote down everything they ate doubled in weight loss as compared to those who didn’t. You also need to note down any sleep deprivation or any other factor that could come in between you and your fitness goals.


Realistic Goals
The most common mistake people make is setting an unrealistic goal for themselves. It’s good to be more ambitious, but at the same time you always need to be realistic. If you’re looking to lose 10kgs in a month, you are most likely setting yourself up to failure. A gradual building of good habits is definitely more effective than a sudden change. This is why it is very very important to set realistic long term and short term goals, as it gives you an idea of what you can and cannot achieve in a said period of time.

Shake It Up, Have Some Fun!
Stress depletes your willpower reserves and leads to poor decision making. Plan your meals in advanced, schedule a workout with your friends if you think you need them as motivation. It’s always better to have fun with things and be under no stress when creating habits that you want to stick to. When the decision has been made for you, you won’t have to deplete your brain power to choose whether you want to do it or not.

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