The one mistake most people make is going to the gym without a proper plan before they reach the gym. This would lead to a waste of time and getting less out of the workout than you should be. It’s the same as going in for war without a plan or a strategy. It just doesn’t work and the results would not be as satisfactory as it would be if you did have a plan.

Before you start a workout, you need your proper meal intake to fuel your body for energy during your workout. This means working out on an empty stomach is a huge offense, as you won’t have enough energy to burn during the working out process. You need to time your workouts and your meals as different people have different digestive tendencies. Try having a meal three hours prior to your workout. Load up on carbs and protein, or just have a protein shake about an hour before your workout!

Supp Up!
Need that extra boost and pump for lifting weights? Don’t forget to take your pre workout before you hit the gym! The best is to gulp down on pre workout half an hour before you arrive at the gym. This is because it takes roughly 30 minutes for the pre workout to kick in just in time for your first big lift, which is when you would need it the most.

Workout Itinerary
No matter what your end goal is, a workout schedule is always important to measure consistency, efficiency, and frequency. Basically, a workout schedule is like a roadmap that would help you keep track of what you have been doing as well as help you progress. It is like a timetable that would help you narrow down what you do. Besides, with a workout itinerary, you would generally save more time in the gym because as soon as you arrive, you already start with your warms up and move straight to the workouts.


Remember, pre planning is essential. You don’t want to waste time that you could incorporate into reaching more of your fitness goals!

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