Now, we’ve all heard of the great Seven Deadly Sins that are fatal to spiritual progress. In this case, you need to know the Seven Deadly Sins of your training that can stump your growth in your fitness lifestyle!

Greed: Expecting immediate results
When you have unrealistic expectations, you tend to go into an overtraining mode. Overtraining is without a doubt not good for you because you do not leave time for your muscles to recover before you strain them again. When overtraining happens, you go through symptoms and recovery would take a longer time. This leads to skipping more days at the gym if you take time off while you recover. A lack of nutrition and calories to rebuild what you broke down during training is also a factor in overtraining. Make sure you get enough rest during your recovery period and load up on the nutrients you need to help speed up the recovery process.

Envy: Getting demotivated because your progress is not like others
When you set a goal and work towards it, you can easily get demotivated once you notice that your progress may not be as fast as others around you. First things first, you should never compare your progress based on other people because everyone is different. It’s a completely contrasting scenario if you use other people’s progress as your driving force, but if instead it demotivates you, you should stop doing it. You need to understand that everyone has different genetics and lifestyle factors that do play important roles in terms of progress in fitness lifestyle. Change your mentality to fit yourself. Your progress should be based on what you have achieved since the first day you started training. The only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

Wrath: Skipping workout when you aren’t in the mood
Goals are usually driven by motivation. When you have had a bad day at work, or you just don’t ‘feel’ like you are in the mood to work out, you would not even think twice before you decide to skip a day in your workout plan. Humans in general do get overwhelmed easily with issues that are deemed bigger than they really are. Skipping a workout does not make things better, instead it would just allow you to dwell in your problems more. Let’s be realistic here. Exercising helps you release neurotransmitters and endorphins that actually do make you feel better. Think of it this way, you are getting the distraction you need that is beneficial and fruitful for you. So instead of thinking about skipping a day of working out, try using it as a good distraction to calm your mind and body.


Sloth: Not having a long term plan
When you have a goal to get into fitness, or to maintain your fitness lifestyle, you need to have a plan to follow up with the goals. If you already are going to the gym or have started your active lifestyle, half the battle is already won. But do remember, that it’s not how you started that matters, but how you finish. What this means is that you should always write down your fitness goals, be it short term or long term goal, and stick to this. An easy tip is that you write down your goals in an eight-week cycle. Once you have followed through with this, make adjustments that are suited for your goals along the way. It basically is like tailoring a custom made suit, and how it fits you is what matters.

Pride: Being satisfied with weights that are not heavy enough
It’s always nice to somewhat gloat about being able to reach your targeted weight goal, but you need to keep in mind of your progress and whether or not you want to push further. If you don’t keep track on your sets, reps and weight, you will definitely grab the dumbbells or barbells that ‘feel’ right for you. This does not challenge your physical strength, and you do need to progress onto heavier weights in order to grow. To overcome this, you need to keep a journal that not only records your sets and exercises, but also your weights and reps. Do note down your accomplishments too, but remember to always push harder. Being stagnant is not where you want to be if fitness is your long term goal.


Gluttony: Nutrition
You know how important your workouts are but are you fully aware of how important your diet is too in your training? No matter if you are training for muscle gain, fat loss, strength or anything else, YOUR DIET PLAYS A HUGE ROLE! Hitting your nutrition and macronutrient goals is super essential. What you put in your body, now that’s the tough part. Stay away from fried fatty food that don’t hold the nutrition value you need. It can’t be emphasized enough; you ARE what you eat. Nutrition takes a bit more planning and preparation, as you are hitting your nutritional value meal by meal.

Now partying isn’t bad entirely, and no, this is not a long lecture on your moral values or anything of that sort. But you need to keep in mind how often you do it. Do you party more than you train? Obviously you are not going to maximize your training if you do. In order to attain your goals, you need to set boundaries for yourself. If you are unaware, alcohol does hinder muscle growth. This doesn’t mean that you should cut it off entirely, but you do need to reevaluate your goals and see if partying does fit into your fitness schedule. Always do things in moderation, remember, moderation is key. Don’t forget you need enough rest and recovery period!

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