We’re a sucker for challenges, especially when it comes to fitness. So when this fell on our laps, we couldn’t wait to share it.

Created to challenge and test those wanting to join the United States Navy SEAL, this program is said to be one of the most demanding and toughest in the world. It will test your fitness levels as well as your mental endurance.

Although this isn’t as intense as the actual training program, it still kicks your ass at the end of the workout.


Push-up – 1 minute

Medicine Ball Sit-up – 1 minute

Pull-up – 1 minute

Alternate Leg Crunches – 1 minute

Wood Chopper Lunges – 1 minute

Parallel Bar Dips – 30 seconds

Jackknives Sit Up – 30 seconds

Burpees – 30 seconds

Rinse and Repeat with 120 seconds of rest in between sets and finally end it with an 8km run in under 30 minutes.

And that folks is how you train like a US Navy SEAL. To prevent plateauing and change things up a bit and increase the times (from 1 to 2, from 30 to 60), and while you’re at it, why not take less breaks between sets? Push yourself, and feel that burn.


Comment below and let us know if you took the challenge and how you went with it.