The most common excuse everyone gives usually is “I just don’t have the time!”. The ugly truth is, everyone does have the time. We have all been given an equal amount of time a day, and that is 24 hours. No, it’s not that you don’t have the time, it’s just that you don’t know how to prioritize your time! Follow these tips below and you will find that you do have the time to commit to your fitness goals, and you should start NOW!

Plan, Plan, Plan
The one way to always ensure that you do something is if you have it written down. Jot down your plan to work out in your phone calendar on your smart phone or computer. This way, you will get a reminder of your plan and then the chances of you not sticking to your plan is lower. Also, checking your schedule in the morning will help you get a mental picture of how your day would be, so it’s always good keeping events in your calendar.

Limit Time Spent On Your Smartphones!
People are so obsessed with their smart phones these days that they tend to waste so much of time on it. How many times have you scrolled through your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms only to find out that you spent an hour doing practically nothing? People think they check their smart phones not more than 50 times a day, but in actual fact, we check our phones double the amount of that! A recent study has shown that on average, people this generation spend 5 hours only on their smartphones. YES! That is 5 hours of being unproductive. So next time you want to check your phone, tell yourself that you should get a good 30 minutes or a 1 hour workout.


Create Social Events Around Fitness
The next time you want to meet up with friends, instead of the regular mamak sessions, you should try organizing a hike! There are plenty of hills in and around Kuala Lumpur that you could go to and enjoy beautiful scenery while spending quality time with your friends. If hiking is not something you find pleasure in doing, there are many other activities that you could do together as a group such as rock climbing, or even hit the gym with your friends! It’s much more fun going into fitness with friends, and you will be killing two birds with one stone. Even catching Pokemon with your friends are a form of workout if you haven’t started your fitness journey, but just make sure you walk instead of drive around looking for them!

Money is Motivation!
Putting money on the line is a definite way of motivating you! Once you pay for something, the commitment would automatically be there since you already forked out a certain amount of money for it. We all know, money doesn’t come by easily, but think of it as a good investment. People spend their money on things they don’t even remember they have. Imagine spending money on yourself to only create a better version of you! You shouldn’t be stingy in spending some money on improving your physique and health, you can never put a price on looking good and feeling great!

Fitgeek can help you with just that! Sign up now for your 15 week training program and get your  program that is tailored to suit your schedule and fitness goals! Remember, time is in YOUR hands, and every minute lost is something you can never reclaim so spend your time wisely!

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