How many times have you wanted to hit the gym but could not be motivated to do it? It was in your mind to get that good daily workout but somehow it goes pushed to the back of it, then slowly forgotten. It’s easy to get demotivated to carry through with your fitness journey and here are some tips that would help you stay motivated and keep you running back to the gym!

I Just Don’t Have The Time
The most common excuse anyone gives when they don’t work out is that they don’t have the time. The truth is, everyone has time. It’s just how you manage your time. Many have the misconception that a workout takes at least an hour but actualy, you can complete a workout in 20 minutes if you are really pressed for time. Pre planning before a workout helps you save time even when you hit the gym. Once you have proper planning, you won’t blame time for not being able to workout.

Give Yourself A Reward!
One of the best ways to stay motivated is to reward yourself every time you reach a short term or a long term goal. Most people are usually driven by the andrenaline during a workout and the endorphins released after a workout. Some are also motivated through knowing that they are healthy and that they look good or the fact that they are stronger than they were before. But if that doesn’t motivate you, you should reward yourself with something tangible that would make you feel content. It’s like giving yourself a present when you actually manage to hit your goals. This is one certain way to keep you motivated and push through your fitness goals.


Mirror, Mirror on The Wall
The best way to stay motivated is to constantly check yourself out in the mirror more often! Yes, it is alright to be vain. When you get a good look at your body, you will notice your progress and this will help you be motivated. You will automatically want to maintain or keep pushing at it to achieve more. You can also take pictures if you want to compare them to when you first started. Looking at your own body is the best motivation you can get because its what drives you to be a better version of yourself. Yes, vanity is actually a good thing!

Think Positive
A lot of people skip workouts or don’t follow through with their fitness lifestyle because of the things they don’t like doing during a workout. When you tell others or yourself “Ugh. I hate leg day.” will make you not motivated to do it. Saying it out loud does actually reinforce it in your brain and this then leads to you skipping leg day. Every time you think negative thoughts, think of something else that makes you feel better and don’t dread your workout. Think positively and remember how good it feels after you workout. What you feed your mind is what you actually carry out in your actions.

Stay motivated and no matter what don’t give up on your fitness lifestyle! Always be a better version of yourself.

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