So you know that being fit makes people look good physically, but are you mindful of it’s benefits in increasing mental awareness? One of the best workouts are those done in the morning because it helps with the brain stimulation and productivity throughout the whole day.

A multitude of studies have shown that exercising are effective in ways of improving executive functionality. This means that workouts helps with problem solving, attention span, working memory, multitasking, and verbal reasoning. All these appear the strongest in the hours following exercises. Working out leaves you feeling energized, and it is a remarkable way of improving mental awareness.

It goes without saying that people do feel recharged after a workout. So why should you only exercise after work? Start in the morning itself! People who exercise after they wake up are more likely to stick to their exercise routine. Plus, have you ever wondered what works better than coffee? Try a good workout in the morning! While your colleagues are waiting for the caffeine to kick in, you would be up and running with more mental stimulation as compared to them.

While lack of sleep can leave you feeling fatigued, which then leads to you feeling forgetful, and decreases your mental alertness. Combat this it through exercises in the morning! During the time of fatigue, exercise can increase the blood flow to the brain and this promotes mental clarity. Exercising also increases the production of ADP (adenosine diphosphate) which is the body’s energy currency. This was proven in the “Military Psychology” journal back in 2000, which found that sleep deprived aviators experienced improved mental alertness following exercises.


Now that you are aware, try working out first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up! Kick off that sluggish feeling with a good sweat shower and feel the difference in productivity. Don’t just leave it to an end of the day workout. Exploit the mental benefits of fitness!